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Website creation

If you have a coupon or gift certificate, please let us know. When you purchase an item, there will be an option to leave us a note.
In the note, let us know that you have a coupon. We will respond via email as soon as possible. As soon as you get our email, please send us the coupon via email and we will give you a refund in the amount of the coupon. If the coupon is for an amount that is more than the item costs, we will give you a refund in the amount of the item plus another coupon in the amount that is left from the original coupon.

We also have a monthly payment option. If you would like the monthly payment option, just send us an email and we will bill you monthly.

Website creation is a separate service from our Social media page creation service. After the initial creation of the website, we offer two maintenance packages. For detailed information on website creation and maintenance, see our Website

Website prices:

Website creation: $400 per website.
Basic website maintenance: $29 a month per website.
Basic website maintenance includes making sure the website stays up and running and making small changes that do not take long to do.
If what you request takes extra time, you will be charged either a research fee or an assignment fee depending on what you request.
It is possible to have both a research fee and an assignment fee in the same month based on what is requested by a client.
Complete website maintenance: $117 per month per website.
Our complete maintenance package includes everything in the basic website maintenance package, but also includes research and assignments.