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This section is for events and other photo shoots done by Friendly Computer Help and Photography.

Photo shoot prices

Photography shoots and special event shoots will be charged in block periods of time. The prices are per day. If an event is more than one day, the price charged will be the total amount of hours worked for each individual day added together. The following is the current prices for these services.

  1. Less than two hours: $100
  2. Two to three hours: $150
  3. Three and a half to six hours: $200
  4. More than six hours: $300
  5. If we need to hire anybody for the shoot, an additional charge of either $20 per person or what the person charges us (whichever is more) will be added to the bill.
  6. If a permit is required, the cost of the permit will be added to the bill.
  7. The hiring person for each shoot will receive access to a private online gallery.
  8. The average processing time is seven to fourteen days depending on how many photographs are taken and how many other assignments and/or photo shoots we have.
  9. Photo shoots include access to a digital gallery as soon as the gallery is ready. Photo paper prints will be an extra charge of $2 prints of 8.5 x 11 or smaller, $5 for larger prints, and $10 for extra large prints.

Portrait shoots


Event shoots