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Frequently asked questions about our website services

  1. Q)Do you have a website server?
    A) No. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds or ability to get a server at the moment. However, we are always looking into possible servers to get as soon we have both.

  2. Q) How do you make the websites without a server?
    A) First, We ask the client what the criteria is for their desired website (ie: the most they want to pay, the minimum amount of space they want.) and do an extensive search of all the website providers that meet their criteria. Then, we go through all of the providers that meet their criteria, read the frequently asked questions and reviews of the provider, and determine which providers would be best. After that, We make a list of all the providers we think would be good for what the client wants, and send the information to the client to see which one they like the best. Once they decide, we sign up for the provider and make the website and we will give the client information for their website so they also will be able to edit it if they desire.

  3. Q) What is your cost for making and maintaining the website?
    A) Our fee is $400 for creating the website.

    The price for creating websites will be $400 If the provider charges a fee for the initial creation, that price will be added to the creation cost. After that, we have two options for website maintenance.

    Our basic website maintenance package which is $45 a month per website. This includes making sure your site stays running and changes that can be done without too much time being put into it. However, we have to charge a research fee of $44 if the customer wants something with a specific design or font (because that requires looking through multiple pages of multiple sites and takes many hours to do). We also have to add an assignment fee of $44 if the customer wants something done that takes a lot of time to do. When you have pictures added, changed, optimized (which is a way to get pictures have a smaller file size and take up less storage space which makes the site load faster), or resized. Minor changes/edits for up to 10 pictures are included in the basic maintenance. Anything more than 10 pictures will have the assignment fee added because at that point because changing/editing more than 10 pictures becomes time consuming. If for some reason your website goes down, we get it back up and running as soon as we can.

    Research is not included in our basic website maintenance price. Because our website maintenance fee is only $29 a month, this includes proofreading and basic changes (for example, a simple color change, changing a code, or changing text). If what you want requires us to have to put in a lot of extra hours to make the desired changes for your site (for example, creating buttons for a rollover effect, new images, merging images, and creating slideshows), we will have to charge an assignment fee which is currently $44 for each assignment. The reason we have to do this is to justify the time it takes to create this items since $29 alone does not cover anywhere near the time it takes for this work.

    Even with us doing this, you will most likely save money with us since most companies charge a lot more.

    We also have a complete website maintenance package which is $150 a month per website. This price includes everything the basic website maintenance package has, but also includes research and assignments and is still much lower than most website companies charge.

    For both packages, we do charge for reimbursement if we have to purchase or renew something that the client wants or needs such as a domain, template, or website hosting provider if the client opts to create a separate account or use a different provider than the one we currently use.

    If you decide not to use the maintenance, any changes you make will be $44 each time you make a change. Also, if the website goes down for any reason, it will be $44 to get it back up and running.

  4. Q) Do you ever plan on hosting websites.
    A) Yes, we plan on hosting websites in the future. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds or ability for it at the moment. As soon as we do, we will let you know.

  5. Q) What will be your cost when you acquire a website provider? A) When we acquire a website provider, the first 50 mb will be $5 a month. If you want over 50 mb, the cost will be $12 a month. There will be other prices for larger websites, but we are still figuring out fair prices at the moment. As soon as we figure them out, we will let you know. These prices will be for if you plan to create and maintain the website yourself. If you plan to have us create and maintain the website, then the price will be $200 for the creation of the website and $29 a month to maintain it.