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The two lists below are applications and areas of the computer and the internet that Friendly Computer Help members are familiar with. Some areas are classes that have been taken, and some areas are known by experimentation. As we learn more programs and take more classes to improve our skills, they will be listed here as well.

The following list is applications and other areas of the computer known by experimentation:

  1. Microsoft Word.
  2. Microsoft Publisher.
  3. Installing software programs.
  4. Installing external accessories such as microphones, midi devices, and speakers.
  5. Installing printers.
  6. Many internet programs (I have discovered that a vast majority of them are pretty much the same, but some work better than others).
  7. Connecting the computer to the monitor and printer (it is easier with the book that comes with the computer since different computers are made differently, but I can usually figure it out. The only thing is the sound and modem cables might accidentally go to the wrong connectors at first, but that is easy to fix).
  8. Making basic websites.
  9. Setting the times on digital clocks.
  10. Programming VCRs.
  11. Figuring out the functions and settings of cell phones and tablets.

The following list is Classes Michelle Russell has taken:

  1. Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Introduction to Digital Arts.
  3. Introduction to the Internet.
  4. Digital Imaging: Adobe Photoshop.
  5. Computer Animation/Multimedia.
  6. Intermediate Typewriting/Keyboard.
  7. Introduction to Microsoft Word.
  8. Introduction to Microsoft Access.
  9. Introduction to Microsoft Excel.
  10. Advanced Microsoft Word.
  11. Advanced Microsoft Excel.
  12. Advanced Microsoft Access.