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Customer reviews

The following testimonials are what some of our clients have had to say about us.

"Working with Keith and Michelle was a pleasant experience! They knew exactly what to do! They were knowledgable and friendly"

Cashona Rinehart

"Friendly Computer Help is punctual, fair, and honest. If something is beyond their knowledge, they admit it and will do their best to point you in the right direction"

Victor C.

"Having trouble in the technology age? Sick of looking through thousands of links to find help with your smart phone or computer? Well, look no further. Michelle at Friendly Computer Help can give you the help you need. Whether you need help with a web page or just have a question about your smart phone, Michelle at Friendly Computer Help will be there to walk you through every step of the process. They helped me. I know they can help you :)"

James O'Donnell

"Friendly Computer Help is super professional and easy to work with. They provide you with outstanding customer service and a wide variety of services to help meet your needs! Definitely love working with Michelle! Honest and trustworthy people."

Reina Enrique

"I have been using Michelle for nearly four years now to help with the business needs for our company. I started using Michelle as she was the one who gave me the best quote for the work involved. Once the project was completed, I realized her professionalism and her desire to learn how to do more. She has even agreed to do certain projects that were out of the scope of the original skill-set that she offered. Some projects, some might consider tedious or not worth anyone’s time, but she has done them with both speediness and professionalism that allowed us to improve our products more than we could do on our own. I would highly recommend Michelle for both her professionalism, willingness to help with any project, and her speediness of project completions; most of the time, way before the due date."

Michael Knutson

"Michelle (Friendly Computer Help) was a very reliable and honest company dedicated to provide stellar service. Many times we would give Michelle large last minute projects... she paid immaculate attention to detail and always completed the projects on time. Most importantly, the Friendly Computer Help organization is HONEST and always has the client in mind."

Tana Marshall

"It's always great when clear advice comes with even clearer pictures and a friendly, caring support style! Thanks for helping me turn a social media nuisance into a simple solution."

T. Rogers, Annapolis, MD